Thursday, December 13, 2007

gegey video and new year's eve gig

once again, we'll be playing with seven collar t-shirt. like faisal sebutir bintang merah said, if it's in 2000, our band will be boycotted because of playing with a big band. considering that there's no fully diy hc/punk show in place like Kelantan, so i guess...we have no choice. If we want to play Kelantan, we have to play with these kinda bands. SCTS is on Laguna Records now anyway...but I'm not sure about the distributor. And I don't care really.

OH yeap, our t-shirt will be ready by this gig. Only for RM25 each. Thanks! Buying the tees meaning you're donating money for us to record! Hehehhehehe...
We also have a gig on new year's eve at The Curve along with one buck...NOT! it's at CM! Flyers up there...

~nizang, 13 Dec 2007.

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