Wednesday, December 26, 2007

dari hujung dunia ke hujung dunia!

Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Kudin (rebel for x), xche matx (lumbrah) and fael watching aiman cutting the stencil for graffity

aiman and the big boss of Gegey Music, Joe!


The Organizers: Wak Kang and xAkmaLx on the left.

Those are some pics from our recent trip to KB and JB. thanks a lot to Joe and the Gegey Music kids and Kota Bharu kids, Wak Kang (Lintang Pukang distro) and xAkmalx (Straight Recs), Depress, The Padangs, everyone who bought our shirts. Thanks a million to Wak Kang's mom for cooking lunch for us and didnt mind we crash at their house and made a lot of noise. Sorry for those who couldn't buy because of we're out of S size shirts.

The two days was tiring and also brought a lot of confusions for us since it's Raya Haji and Christmas and students were returning to their college/unis and we're not sure whether we can find tickets to make it to both shows and get to JB in time.

But we managed to overcome all and seriously played all-out at both place! :) See you guys at Central Market Annexe this 31st Dec and 26th Jan at Melaka. Muah!


JO said...

bila mahu main klate lagi ?

Hann Haidar said...


xAkmalx tu aku terlebih kenal.