Saturday, August 18, 2007

some logo designs! do comment


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

upcoming gigs!

These are some dates we're scheduled to play at the venues. We'll be updating as soon as we got the confirmation as well as the flyers. Thanks!

20 Oct at CM annexe, along with Enslaved Chaos, Goodnite Goodies, etc. (not confirmed)

21 Oct at Taman U, Johor Bharu with Straight Answer (Indonesia), Young And Dangerous, Format Masa Depan, MosnterxSakura, Blinded Humanity, xlumnbrahx

3 Nov at Jerantut Pahang with Soulsavior, Alchemy of Sickness, Duniogilo, MonsterxSakura, Dashown, Firstbase, Brontox, etc.

9 Nov at USM, Kota Bharu with Meaning (hardcore from Japan), Half-Asleep, etc.

We're planning to record as many songs we had this coming bulan puasa! Hehe. 2 songs will be featured in 'Punkrock Flip-flop', a project by Knot Records and Ricecooker Shop. Probably one malay song and one english song.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Pic : Punkrock paradox gig!

Pic taken by shah(the mindless show). Tq boss!

p/s- Click for larger image.

The turtle marching again part 3 : ON

Yup! Its ON! Our next show will be on 31st August 2007 at Ibai Golf Resort, along with some big bands. Well, the scene in Terengganu is about 10 years late than other scenes in Malaysia. We guess it's okay to play along with them.

Many kids been asking what style of hc/punk are we playing. We're not sure what to answer ourselves. Do come to our shows and judge yourselves. See ya!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Punkrock Paradox gig

So, yeap we did 4 songs as the opening band at the Punkrock Paradox gig. We got some positive feedbacks from friends. Some of our friends took some photos and also videos of all the songs, but even we ourselves havent seen any of them. We'll upload everything here. We won't be having a Myspace account. Maybe for now, or maybe forever. Sorry Tom!

Anyway, thanks to all who came for the gig and supported us. You guys rock!