Tuesday, March 23, 2010

DDT @ Pidato Zaman Gila 20/3/2010

The show we played last Saturday. Yuna?? How come we didn't get to meet her?? It was debate and workshops for University students...the concert and debate session were at the night, all participants already left. We played to the organizers and Keladak band members, 3 songs...the equipment owner cut the set short, maybe tired and don't get the angry music...

We arrived late, just in time to see one person giving a speech, Matahari and Keladak performing some songs...and that's it...

Oh ya, it was at Dewan Sivik near LRT, another unusual place for us. The place was cozy and the sound system was fantastic. If only there were more people during our set.

Jim from Bugstar (Perak poppunk) took over the drummer seat as Aiman announced that he want to call it quit during Efek Rumah Kaca gig last month. We had two jam sessions with Jim before this show.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

DDT @ Kajang 27 March 2010

Before Saturday, we were supposed to jam. I already called Jim up and asked him to meet at the studio for rehearsal. Just before he went out, Ujay called me and said Yoe from Cock Say Cock Dung is nearly reaching KL from Terengganu. He'll practice and hit the skins for us for this gig! It was a surprise.

On the day of the gig, Rizie came all the way from PD. He was late. Pok Jue from Cock Say Cock Dung was also at the gig, so he took over the second guitar task. Fortunately he memorized most of the chords to the songs we played.

It was nice in Kajang town. The town doesn't feel like any other towns in Selangor, i mean the buildings. And as usual, what do you eat at Kajang? Of course Satay sampai lebam...