Friday, February 3, 2012

Frinjan 26 photos and report

Arrived quite late. Got to catch all the bands and performances. Frinjan is a monthly event that combines book, art and independent music culture. Good event. Zines and other literature are also on sale. Support!!! Our documentary book was released that night. A lot were sold that night alone...40 copies plus plus. Thank you all...Thanks frinjan. Punk bands should come out from our/their cocoon. Involved in book/art scene are among the ways.

report+picture from Rotten Ruckus and Punk Rock book launch gig

The gig started late, as expected because of friday traffic jam. We played old songs including 'hentikan penindasan' and 'punk dah mati'. It's been some time...Rotten ruckus was good. Second Combat also released their new CD that day. Good release!! 15 years as a hardcore band. That's something...!!! Congrats to everyone. Thanks to Azri Rotten and the crew for having us!