Monday, December 2, 2013

Dum Dum Tak at #PartyDuBook

Last two weeks was quite chaotic. My friend from school, Najib (or also known as Mamat the guitarist of Sleepyjeremy) who is now a well-known book author (pen name Jarr Nadjmuddin) called me. His publisher, DuBook Press was organizing a book party, #PartyDuBook at the Red Bungalow. I called Fael but failed to do so. Spanky and Nakid (Fael’s brother who played guitar regularly with us now) tried to contact him too, but failed. I already told Najib that we would play at the party so we panicked! Just a day before the gig, Fael called me and said his phone is damaged. I told him about the gig but he couldn’t make it since he couldn't change his work shift. 

I tried to ask Shah (Always Last) to play with us ‘cause he used to strum for us but he already had a plan that Saturday. So, Spanky and I decided we should just play with Nakid as the front man, handling the only guitar and sing. We didn’t have time to rehearse as Spanky was too busy with work schedule and I was down with fever. 

The organizer called Second Combat to replace us and thought that we’d cancel the show. But we showed up after all and we played after all. I asked Kudin (Orkes Rakyat Tertindas) to back-up as the vocalist as he remembers most of the songs. The big boss of DuBook Press, Mutalib Uthman also joined us to sing along to the choruses of two songs; Petrol Petrol Petrol and Suara Kami.

We played six songs on that day. Other performers were SMXL, Petak Daud, Shh…Diam!, Second Combat, Iqbal M, Delude and others. They also had book launches of their new and old titles. Good event, thank you Mutalib Uthman, Lucious Maximus and Jarr Nadjuddin the crew of DuBook Press. They were having a big sale at 30% discount and invited other publishers, collectives, books and zines vendors too. 

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