Wednesday, July 8, 2009

anonymous mysterious

Well, lately we discovered the appearance of DDT's friendster account, DDT's myspace account as well as some home-made videos of DDT's songs on YouTube. We really don't know who is behind all those. It's still a mystery to us.

We really appreciate you guys who have been supporting and helping us in any way but do keep in mind that those made not by the band members ourselves or close friends are not true all the time. The better source to refer about us would still be this blog.

Thank You.


Cursive said...

hehehe.. biase arr tu nizang kalu glemer nih, macam michael jackson.. hehe

nizang said...

hahaha...apis...anda buat sy kembang sebentar.


sk8edge said...

Akum and hi kawan

Jenguk lah blog aku. Aku ada promote link korang so hope korang leh exchange link balik :

Thank you

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