Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sharing is Caring=punk rock

Yesterday Amert called me and told me about this band from Indonesia that is using DDT's cover art for their MySpace profile pic. Hehe, cool! The artwork is drawn by our friend Min from Skunkfix and I hope he feels proud/appreciated with this news.

Anyway Sosial Sosial is a political and a radical punk band something like Marjinal. Wak Kang (Lintang Pukang Distro) has their tape and Rizie said he used to see one of Marjinal band members wearing Sosial Sosial's shirt in a video.

I want their tape, who ever knows how I can get it?


dean said...

jemputan menulis di sini;

Anonymous said...

sosial sosial terbaik bos!
tape dia ada kat jakarta kalau x silap aku.
try tanya gafur.
kalau kat myspace nama dia negriku di murka alam.

WK= Wak Kang