Thursday, February 26, 2009

surprise surprise

Just now after office hours, I went to the nearby shop to see if there are any new issue of any magazines. I always browse the magazines there especially early of the month. I saw the new KLue and Junk, but...I didn't browse any of those just now like I sometimes do.

Just now in the cinema, Amert texted me and asked me to buy Junk ASAP. Look what they found...ehheheh...Thanks Aidil!

The CD was reviewed by our friend Aidil from Couple. I guessed he'd bought it at the Ricecooker Shop where his band's CD is also on sale. Check them out too, my favorite local indie band.

Sleepyjeremy's CD was also reviewed in the same issue, others include From Caddilac to Geisha and Orange Free State (who will be playing Nervhous Records gig this April). Check them out y'all!

~ Posi-punk
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