Monday, November 24, 2008


we're hoping the CD will give a strong impact to the Malaysian independent music scene...

like how FSF's 'Tolerate No More' made it,
or maybe like The Bollocks' 'Revolution' did it,
or better still Carburetor Dung's 'Songs For Friends'...
or how about The Pilgrims' 'Perfume Garden'?????

oh what a big dreams in the year 2008!


ps: i heard the pilgrims' 'beware your heart' on xfresh fm last sunday! fuck! and they're also playing skunkfix's tunes? who do they think they are???


hafiz said...

bro. aku nak dapatkan cd korang. di ricecooker ada ya?

hafiz said...
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nizang said...

cd promo kami ada di ricecooker! sangat terhad. cuba dapatkan!

Anonymous said...

hey guys,
I really like the passion of your band and if u really want to come out with a really good release, do hope u guys could accept any criticism or comments.

I saw u guys played once at the bau2 cafe. Its just most of the songs played didn't have any signature to it. My comment will be that its like u guys were'nt really into composing it. Of course if i were a 16th year old kid, who just got into punk, i would be amaze and interested to some like hot trend of the year. But if i was a 31 year old dude, i'd find dumdamtak pretty cliche. I read most of your lyrics in the blog and i suggest that u guys could write it back in a more creative way. Cause the lyrics i read were kind of like a simple unsatisfied guy who did'nt think too much in writing. Just take example of how Johnny Rotten wrote his lyrics, the intelligent double meanings transformed in to simple brilliant lines.

Just take example also on how simple the Ramones were and how they were able to signature their songs thru ages.

Hope u guys dont take my critics negative.

nizang said...

hey ASAB thanks for the words...we'll improve in the future ;)