Monday, October 1, 2007

punkrawk flip flop recording

Yo! check it out. So yeap, last Saturday night we went to Puchong Perdana for our very first recording. 1 song was recorded for Punkrawk Flip-flop compilation under Knot Records and Ricecooker Shop. We recorded 'Hentikan', which you guys can check the lyrics out down there somewhere. We would like to say Terima Kasih to Knot Records especially Toleb, Alak and Shimi and also Joe Kidd for this oppurtunity. You guys rock. And not to forget to the other bands in the comp, which we managed to meet or not. Extra thanks to; Brayok, The Mindless Show and FSF for helping us with the backing vocals!

~all photos on this post by Joe Kidd. thnx.

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tgLtgI said...

can i listen ur record tu???