Thursday, October 25, 2007

JB show was great!!

Thanks to timi and geng for the great show!! Setelah bnyk kali bace pasal gig sauna kat tmn u, jb. last2 dpt jugak aku alami sendiri sauna taman u!! hehehhehehe…thanks we had a great time in JB! thanks to the crowd and also arip Depress for playing the bass on the Marjinal’s cover. we never played that tune before but due to crowd’s request…fael tried to play it after all…playing with Straight Answer is like a dream to me, i loved them to bones since i listen to their tape, bangkit melawan atau tunduk ditindas!

next stops: KL, Jerantut, Penang???

ps: sori tak sempat nak photoshop gambar. ultra busy!
live photos by: mie
band photo by: nadiah depress

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