Friday, July 27, 2007

in the beginning

Amert of Stick No Bill, Naufael of Skunkfix, Rizie of Clumsy Ruby and Nizang of Inikah Hidup have been jamming for a couple of times playing covers of Stick No Bill, Jellybelly and also other well-known punk rot songs. They've planned to make own songs.

One night, Aiman of Civil Disorder joined them and played second guitar. For the final song, Aiman switched to the drum kit, Amert to the guitars, Nizang picked up the bass and Naufael sang. Amert started playing his own composition and it feels so right that we decided the line-up should stick and the band got to get serious.

After the jam session and a round of teh tarik, the band was borned. Our first unofficial show will be tomorrow, 29th July as an opening band for Punkrock Paradox gig, a launching gig for the newly released 4 way split cd.

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